What is happening to the human male?

Something strange is happening to the human male. The incidence of testicular germ cell tumours is increasingly…

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Better Technology, More Life: Memphasys’ Commitment to Advancing Reproductive Biotechnology

At Memphasys, our unwavering purpose is encapsulated in four simple but powerful words: better technology, more life.…

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Pieces of the puzzle

New Japanese partnership joins the Memphasys revolution in IVF sperm separation technology

Meet Marcus Hedenskog. Lead Memphasys APAC partner and key contributor to the breakthrough commercialisation of the…

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Revolutionising Reproductive Medicine: Dr. Ramya Jayaram to Present Groundbreaking ICSI Research at ASPIRE 2023

We are thrilled that Dr. Ramya Jayaram from Women's Center and Hospitals in Coimbatore, India, will be presenting at…

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The Formative Disease State of Oxidative Stress: A Path Towards Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment

Oxidative stress, a crucial area of scientific and clinical interest, has been at the forefront of research…

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Felix™ System Patent announcement

We are thrilled to announce that the Australian Patent Office has granted two new patents for our Felix™ system…

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Alison, David and Hassan at ESHRE 2023

Memphasys Shines Bright at ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting: Unprecedented Scientific and Commercial Interest Ignited

It has been a whirlwind two weeks since our team attended the highly anticipated ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting in…

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Welcoming New Directors and Achievements in Fertility Innovation

We are excited to announce the recent expansion of our team as we embark on the next phase of the Memphasys journey.…

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Collaboration with reproductive pioneer sparks revolution in IVF sperm separation tech

If you work in the assisted reproductive therapy industry or in men’s health, you may have heard of the Felix™ device,…

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Hassan Bakos

Meet Hassan Bakos: Driving Operational Excellence at Memphasys

I’m now a month into my new role at Memphasys, where I am working closely with a talented team and a product that I am…

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