Dr Ramya Jayaram addressed ASPIRE 2023, the 12th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction, to present and discuss the study, methodology and results driving the success of the Felix™ IVF sperm separation system – a new reproductive technology developed by Memphasys.

Dr Jayaram is a highly esteemed specialist in reproductive medicine and minimally invasive gynaecological surgery, from the Women’s Centre and Hospital in Coimbatore, India. The team at Memphasys was honoured that
Dr Ramya travelled to the Adelaide Convention Centre to attend ASPIRE 2023 – which this year carried the theme “Welcome to the future”.
Dr Jayaram delivered a presentation titled:  “First Recorded Normal Live Birth after ICSI with Electrophoretically Isolated Spermatozoa Using the Felix™ System”.
As Dr Jayaram explains, Felix™ is an automated, operator independent system that performs a six-minute sperm separation process.


In Dr Jayaram’s case report, thirty three couples were recruited on the basis of raw semen DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) greater than 20%. With sperm separated by the Felix™ system, a 83% fertilisation rate and a 65% embryo utilisation rate were achieved resulting in 14 clinical pregnancies.
The Felix™ system is commercially available in markets such as Japan, Canada and New Zealand and there are clinical studies and regulatory certifications underway in China and Australia.
Watch Dr Jayaram’s 9-minute presentation here.