In a significant stride towards global expansion, we have announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Vitrolife Pty. Ltd. New Zealand and Vitrolife Inc. Canada, subsidiaries of the renowned global IVF leader Vitrolife AB. This milestone marks the continued collaboration between Memphasys and Vitrolife, following a successful exclusive distribution agreement for the Japanese market in August 2023.

At Memphasys we have secured exclusive agreements for the sale and distribution of its Felix™ System in Canada and New Zealand. These early access target countries offer a prime opportunity for Memphasys to establish the Felix™ brand and connect with key opinion leaders, laying the foundation for future success.

Canada, with an estimated 21,030 IVF cycles per year, and New Zealand, supporting around 11,940 cycles annually, present significant revenue opportunities for Memphasys. These agreements not only facilitate faster commercialization but also solidify the commercial value of the Felix™

Vitrolife, a global leader in reproductive health solutions, will provide marketing, sales, and training support for the Felix™ System in both Canada and New Zealand. Leveraging Vitrolife’s established presence and direct access to clinical partners in these regions is expected to expedite market penetration.

Building on the success of the Felix™ System in Japan, where “Pathfinder” sales have been achieved, Vitrolife Japan KK has incorporated the system into high-volume clinics. A standing order to maintain and grow supplies in Japan is anticipated in Q1 2024. The positive reception by Japanese clinicians positions the Felix™ System for potential public health insurance coverage, enhancing its appeal to a broader market.

Dr. David Ali, Memphasys Acting CEO and Executive Director, emphasised the strategic approach in expanding their relationship with Vitrolife. The exclusive agreements for Canada and New Zealand, in addition to the existing Japanese market, demonstrate the strong interest in the Felix™ System and its potential to revolutionise sperm preparation for improved IVF results.

Memphasys’ exclusive distribution agreements for Canada and New Zealand signify a pivotal moment in the company’s global expansion strategy. By partnering with Vitrolife, a trusted name in reproductive health, Memphasys is well-positioned to accelerate market entry, establish the Felix™ brand, and pave the way for future success in more regulated markets. As the company progresses, these achievements serve as critical milestones in its journey to commercialise innovative reproductive biotechnology solutions worldwide.