To achieve our goal of better technology, more life Memphasys combines qualified, experience, and technology in reproductive biotechnology. Memphasys is positioned to support those seeking IVF treatments with the use of its Felix™ device. After conducting an in vitro sperm validation study of the Felix™ device in IVF clinics, Memphasys is selling the Felix™ device in certain early access countries. Concurrently, Memphasys is gaining the clearances required to make the Felix™ device available in other markets.

Whilst initial expertise in Memphasys was developed to support human assisted reproductive technologies (ART), the same technological principles are also being applied to animal reproduction.

The driving force for Memphasys is the belief and desire to research, develop and commercialise reproductive systems and methods in humans and animals.

better technology, more life...

About Memphasys

Memphasys Ltd is a listed Australian MedTech company (ASX: MEM) focussed on reproductive biotechnology. Driven by market needs, Memphasys is developing a portfolio of device, diagnostic and media products that address human and animal reproduction issues.

The Company’s research and development efforts are led by Distinguished Emeritus Laureate Professor John Aitken. Professor Aitken and his research team are based at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

The Memphasys board and management team have significant and tenured experience in developing and commercialising human and animal health products.


Product Pipeline

Memphasys has a comprehensive product development pipeline spanning the next 5 years.

The Company’s product pipeline includes laboratory devices for use in artificial reproduction, diagnostic products for male and female fertility, and specialty media products for assisted reproduction processes.


The Felix™ Device

The first Memphasys product is the Felix™ device for the separation of sperm from semen for use in human IVF procedures. The development of the Felix™ device builds on the Company’s expertise in membrane separation technology and on the use of electrophoresis to separate cells.

The Felix™ device is an automated electrophoretic device. The Felix™ device separates sperm from raw semen using a proprietary process which combines electrophoresis and size exclusion membranes. Sperm are harvested, with exclusion of cellular contaminants such as leukocytes and precursor germ cells.

The Felix™ device consists of two main components: a console, which supplies electrical power, and a sterile disposable cartridge for sperm isolation and selection.

The Felix™ device is the first commercial product to be developed by Memphasys. It is currently being sold in certain early access international markets whilst clinical study and/or regulatory processes are underway for higher regulatory markets.

Note: The Felix™ System is currently not available for supply in Australia and has not been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).