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Memphasys Ltd is a reproductive biotechnology company driven by market needs to provide reproduction and fertility solutions for humans and animals alike. Products in the development pipeline include a range of devices, media, and in vitro diagnostic solutions.


Memphasys is a listed Australian company (ASX: MEM) that was initially focussed on proprietary electrophoresis and polymer membrane technology. This technology was employed in its first product, the Felix™ device, to enable the separation of sperm from semen. The Felix™ device was developed in conjunction with Distinguished Emeritus Laureate Professor John Aitken and his team at the Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Memphasys has subsequently focussed its business development in the artificial reproduction and fertility market. This led to an expanded research partnership with Professor John Aitken and his University of Newcastle team. Memphasys now has a team of seven researchers at the University of Newcastle working on devices, medias, and point-of-care diagnostic products in the field of human and animal reproduction and fertility.

The Felix™ device, a sperm separation technology, is now in commercial production and is available for sale in early access countries for such products. These initial markets include India, Canada, and New Zealand. Clinical studies and preparations of filings for regulatory certifications in China, and Australia, are also underway.

Introducing Distinguished Emeritus Laureate Professor John Aitken

Professor John Aitken is a global leader in the field of reproductive biology and has built a l reproductive biology research group in Australia at the University of Newcastle.

Professor Aitken has published over 600 research articles and his work has been cited approximately 56,000 times (h-index of 120, highest citation index in his field and in the top 5% for all of Biology and Biochemistry).

In July 2021, Professor Aitken was appointed the Scientific Director for Memphasys Ltd.


Product Pipeline

Other products in development include:

  • A long-term ambient temperature storage medium for human sperm.
  • An improved medium for human sperm isolation, fertilisation and cryopreservation.
  • A novel concept for the isolation of a small number of extremely high-quality sperm for human intracytoplasmic spermatozoa injection (ICSI) assisted reproductive technology (ART).
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