We are excited to announce that our Felix™ System TM has outperformed conventional sperm preparation methods, resulting in a significant increase of over 12% in our stock.

The Felix™ System recently demonstrated superior results compared to the Density Gradient Centrifugation and Swim-Up (DGC+SU) methods in a Japanese clinical trial conducted at the Reproduction Clinic Osaka.

The trial results revealed that our Felix™ System is more effective than the DGC+SU methods for sperm preparation. Unlike the lengthy processes involved in centrifugation and incubation with DGC+SU, Felix™ simplifies the process, reducing the processing time to a mere six to seven minutes.

In the trial, 45 couples experiencing infertility participated, with doctors collecting 401 eggs and using Felix for some while using DGC+SU for others. The embryos were then created through Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Our Felix System outperformed overall, especially in the number of embryos used, although the statistical significance between the DGC+SU and Felix groups was not reached due to the limited sample size.

The study concluded that the Felix™ System is a superior choice for isolating sperm, streamlining laboratory work, and achieving comparable results to the traditional DGC+SU method.

We are thrilled to present these results at the upcoming European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) conference in June.

Dr. Tomomoto Ishikawa, CEO and owner of the Reproduction Clinic Osaka, stated, “Not only does the system select high-quality sperm for ICSI, but it does so very quickly, in a single, easy, and automated process.”

Our CEO, David Ali, added, “This is a huge plus for process flow in IVF laboratories, which are always seeking efficiency and cost savings.”

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