We are thrilled to announce a significant uptick in orders for our Felix™ System in Japan. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest highlights:

1. Expanded Sales to Japanese IVF Clinics: Vitrolife Japan KK (Vitrolife KK), a subsidiary of Vitrolife AB, recently placed an order for six additional Felix™ consoles and 200 cartridges. These will be supplied to six additional Japanese IVF clinics, bringing the total number of Vitrolife orders in Japan to 500 cartridges and nine consoles across nine clinics.

2. Growing Market Presence: Since the exclusive distribution agreement with Vitrolife KK was inked in August 2023, interest among Japanese IVF clinics has surged. The increased sales volumes underscore Memphasys’ success in advancing the sales onboarding process, with Vitrolife KK clinicians and embryologists increasingly embracing the Felix™ System.

3. Felix™ System Well-Received: Feedback from Japanese clinicians and embryologists has been overwhelmingly positive, with the Felix™ System earning praise for its effectiveness and ease of use. Plans are underway to compile a dataset of results, which is expected to pave the way for Felix™ to receive Japanese public health insurance coverage.

4. Expanding Distribution: Vitrolife will continue marketing the Felix™ System to additional client clinics, further bolstering its presence in the Japanese market. Data from these clinics will serve as valuable reference points to attract even more clinics to adopt the Felix™ System.

5. Exploring Insurance Reimbursement: Memphasys and Vitrolife are actively exploring avenues to facilitate insurance reimbursement for clinics using the Felix™ System. Once in place, these plans are expected to enhance the Felix™ System’s attractiveness in the Japanese market.

In addition to the exciting developments in Japan, Memphasys has also forged distribution agreements with Vitrolife subsidiaries in Canada and New Zealand, marking significant progress in expanding Felix™’s global footprint.

Dr. David Ali, Acting CEO and Managing Director of Memphasys, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Vitrolife and the growing momentum of Felix™ in Japan. He anticipates that the Felix™ System’s potential to receive public health insurance coverage will further bolster sales in this key market.

Stay tuned for more updates as Memphasys continues to advance the field of reproductive biotechnology.