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Memphasys Ltd (ASX: MEM) is an Australian publicly-listed bio-separations company developing and commercialising innovative separation techniques based on the Company's proprietary membrane technology.

Memphasys’ first application of this technology platform is now being commercialised – the separation of the ‘best’ sperm from a semen sample for use in human in vitro fertilisation (IVF).


Memphasys and Hydrix win Gold! - ASX Release 9 September 2020

The Company is pleased to announce that Memphasys and its product development partner, Hydrix Limited, have been recognised for engineering excellence at the Good Design Awards.  The two companies have been jointly named receipients of two 2020 Good Design Awards for the Felix device, the first automated, non-DNA damaging lab instrument for sperm separation. 

The Good Design Awards is one of the oldest and most prestigious globally recognised design awards.

Two Design Awards:

            The Felix device Gold Good Design Award for the Engineering Design category

           The Felix device Good Design Award for Product Design, Medical and Scientific category.

Please click on the heading above to read the full ASX release.


Memphasys Limited - Pitt Street Research, 9 July 2020

Pitt Street Research's Report on Memphasys Limited can be accessed by clicking on the link above.

Disclaimer: “This report has been commissioned and paid for by Memphasys Ltd (Company) and has been prepared by Pitt Street Research, an Authorised Representative of BR Securities Australia Pty Ltd. The report solely reflects the views of Pitt Street Research.

Any opinions, forecasts, recommendations or forward-looking statements in the report reflect the judgement and assumptions of Pitt Street Research at the date of publication of the report. The Company does not endorse the findings or contents of the report, including any price target, earnings forecast or other statement about the Company’s prospects, and will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising in any way from errors, omissions or misstatements in the report or the use of, or reliance on, the report in any way.”


Professor John Aitken - Felix Device Interview  

Professor John Aitken, PhD, ScD, FRSE, School of Environmental and Life Sciences (Biological Sciences), Newcastle University, Australia, and a global leader in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) research  is interviewed about the Felix Device and its potential application in the area of male infertility and the future needs globally of the IVF and ART industries.

Above: Professor John Aitken Interview


ShareCafe Presentation - Memphasys' Executive Chair, Alison Coutts

Memphasys' Executive Chair, Alison Coutts presents at a ShareCafe webinar, discussing the latest Memphasys' business activities and commercialisation plans for its Felix device.  The ShareCafe webinar was held on the 29 June 2020.

Finance News Network Events Presentation and Interview

Memphasys' Executive Chair, Alison Coutts, was interviewed at the Finance News Network Investor Event on November 29 2019. The interview and presentation can be viewed by clicking the above link. 



ASX Releases (Some Selected ASX Releases are below - for the full list of ASX releases go to the Investors Relations page on this website)

MEM & Newcastle Uni Progress Prospective Reproductive Technology Opportunities - ASX 17 August 2020

Commercialising the Felix Device - Investor Presentation - released to the ASX on 26 June 2020

Initial Positive Feedback from Key Opinion Leaders - released to the ASX on 6 February 2020


Other ASX News

Memphasys & Partners Awarded ~A$550,000 ARC Linkage Grant - 21 November 2019

Felix International Market Update - 21 November 2019


Operational Update 

A market update on the commercialisation progress of the Felix Device was released to the ASX on October 9 2020.  The announcement can be viewed by clicking this link.


Felix Instructions for Use Video

Please click on the link above to watch a demonstration of how to use Felix.

NOTE:  Felix is not currently available for supply.

Memphasys Limited

Innovation in Biological Separation Processes

Memphasys specialises in biological separations for commercial applications.   

Memphasys’ patented membrane processes enable the selection of high value substances or contaminants from the fluid in which they are contained by applying an electrical field (electrophoresis) to a sample of the fluid that is contained between our membranes.  Proteins or cells can be extracted utilising Memphasys’ proprietary polymer separation membranes to pick out specific components based on their size and relative charge.

Sperm Separation Technology

Memphasys’ sperm separation technology selects the most viable sperm from semen samples for use in fertility treatments including IVF for humans, and potentially in various artificial reproductive techniques (ART) for animals.

There is a higher incidence of miscarriage, premature births and various genetically-based diseases such as cancers and neurological diseases in progeny created using IVF and certain other ART fertilization methods than there is from natural fertilisation. 

There is increasing concern that current human sperm preparation techniques for extracting the sperm from semen sample may be contributing to these results, as they can physically damage the sperm, and lead to oxidative stresses and DNA damage.  

The Company's technology has been developed in partnership with Professor John Aitken from the University of Newcastle, Australia – a world-leader in human fertility research.  Under Prof Aitken’s leadership, extensive proof of concept testing of the research device has been completed, which has resulted in publications endorsing the quality of the sperm selected using the sperm separation technology.

Memphasys is now developing a next-generation of sperm separation technology, the 'Felix' products, for clinical use in human IVF centres worldwide.

Membranes Separation

Over the past 15 years Memphasys has developed a polymer membrane separation technology using polyacrylamide hydrogel membranes with electrophoresis.

Memphasys’ current range of research lab instruments were developed to allow this separation technology to be used in the research sector to assess new applications.

Memphasys is now well advanced in developing and validating an improved membrane material that is biologically-compatible and easily scalable in ambient conditions.

Intellectual Property

Memphasys has patents relating to electrophoresis apparatuses, consumables (e.g. separation cartridges and separation membranes) and other hardware for biological separation

Memphasys also holds patents specific to the sperm separation technology and an exclusive license agreement with our clinical research partner, the University of Newcastle, for IP they have developed in sperm separation.

The new separation membrane material currently being developed will generate new application and method patents in the coming years.