Meet Marcus Hedenskog. Lead Memphasys APAC partner and key contributor to the breakthrough commercialisation of the Felix™ device in Japan.

You may have already seen the news that Memphasys has just signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Vitrolife Japan KK, a subsidiary of the Vitrolife Group, to sell and distribute the FelixTM sperm separation system in Japan for five years.

This is the first major commercial agreement for Memphasys with a global distributor. This follows availability of the Felix™ system for IVF clinics in India, Canada, and New Zealand, and an ongoing clinical study in  Australia. This marks another massive step towards our goal of delivering ‘better technology, more life’ through pioneering research, development and commercialisation of reproductive biotechnology.

Impressive partnership, impressive growth

Central to securing such an important commercial outcome is our strong, mutually appreciative partnership with Vitrolife Japan KK president, Marcus Hedenskog. Marcus is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Imperial College London, with a focus on Diffusion of New Medical Technologies in Health Systems, and his track record of growing businesses which specialise in medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals speaks for itself.

“Vitrolife and Memphasys are a perfect match,” explains Marcus, “because we both want the same thing. Vitrolife has been dedicated to IVF since 1994, when the field was still young, and we’ve learned that it’s the coming together of like minds which powers strong, long-term growth. Today the Vitrolife group is a global leader in reproductive health, enabling us to truly commit and collaborate with purpose in delivering superior IVF products and services around the world. Our network of expertise currently serves more than 110 countries, through our own direct presence in 30 countries and a global network of specialist distributors.”

Together on a mission to deliver reproductive biotechnology solutions

At the heart of the Memphasys partnership with Marcus and his team at Vitrolife is the Felix™ system, our first product to reach commercial release. The Felix™ is an automated electrophoretic system which separates sperm from raw semen using a proprietary process which combines electrophoresis and size exclusion membranes. The Felix™ process also allows sperm to be successfully harvested without risk from cellular contaminants such as leukocytes and precursor germ cells.

“The Felix™ system is just the beginning of what I’m confident will be a brilliantly successful, long-term partnership in the delivery of best practice reproductive health around the world,” adds Marcus. “One look at the Memphasys product development pipeline over the next 5 years, which includes laboratory devices for use in artificial reproduction, diagnostic products for male and female fertility, and specialty media products for assisted reproduction processes, is clear proof that there are very exciting times ahead.”

“Memphasys and Vitrolife have the same dream,” concludes Marcus with a smile. “World-class reproductive technology that maximises successful treatment outcomes. And we’re making that dream come true, together all the way.”