In line with the global commercialisation strategy for our Felix™ device sperm separation device, Memphasys is proud to announce the exciting appointment of Dr David Ali to Acting CEO and Executive Director, with a remit to continue to build the Memphasys business, brand and product portfolio.

David, a Bachelor of Science and PhD in Pharmacokinetics, brought over three decades of pharmaceutical sector experience to the Memphasys leadership team when he joined as Director of Business Development early in 2023. David has previously had a heavy involvement in drug discovery, development, running regulation clinical trials and medical affairs bringing new products to market. He came to us after holding positions with prestigious organisations including CSIRO, Bayer, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk and Biogen – not to mention several years’ experience in the animal health sector.

Success in sales & marketing  

For the last year David has led Memphasys business development, sales and marketing activity, with priority focus on the Felix™ device, building relationships with distributors, opinion leaders, clinical end users, supply chain managers, regulatory bodies and government authorities across all target markets – working closely with the University of Newcastle team, led by our Research Director, Distinguished Laureate Professor John Aitken.

On moving into the Acting CEO role, David spoke frankly with a clear, realistic outlook on what the future holds for Memphasys and our product portfolio. “The new leadership has clarity on the challenge and culture shift ahead. Memphasys will retain our high level of innovation and problem solving in areas of unmet need, whilst shifting to a focus of commercialisation,  and commercial growth by relentlessly pursuing sales.”

Encouraging global wins for Felix™ Device

Before summarising the performance of Felix™ device commercialisation activity around the world, David was quick to acknowledge the “impressive skill sets” among the Memphasys team and the celebrated work of Professor Aitken, who David said is widely regarded as “the world’s authority on fertility”.

“It continues to be a tough process, however, we have enjoyed some encouraging success with our Felix™ device. Healthy live births in India through deploying the Felix device in cases that may not have achieved pregnancies. Our major distribution agreement in Japan with Vitrolife, is meeting expectations. Not to mention the recent execution of distribution agreements in both Canada and New Zealand. We now have valuable learnings and publications from trials in multiple markets, that we can take forward into future sales strategies. We have legitimised the Felix™ device and continue to acquire living evidence that we have a product that works, reinforcing our commitment to create better technology that leads to more life.”

A future of growth, leadership & life

Looking to the future, David provided clarity on business priorities, which he broke down into three pillars.

  1. Sector leadership

“Memphasys has a rock-solid commitment to be a respected leader and renowned authority in the IVF science, which means continuing to identify gaps and opportunities to push home a superior, clearly differentiated premium product range. To achieve this, we need continuous product development and enhanced visibility of our brand in the reproductive market. To this end it is important to have the best commercial partnerships attainable.”

  1. To literally give birth

“Everyone in our team should be proud of their role in helping patients in our communities increase their chances of having children. We literally make dreams come true by creating families.”

  1. Provide value to our shareholders

“A renewed focus of providing value to our shareholders through a well considered development and fast track to commercialion plan to grow business and have best in class market leading brands. We value our shareholder base and want to show a return for their continued support. It is this shareholder support that will inevitably bring not only a return in value but also value to the community.”

Memphasys welcomes the new leadership of David into the Acting CEO role with wide open arms as together we look forward to an exciting, fulfilling future ahead.