Memphasys is at the forefront of reproductive biotechnology, pioneering novel solutions in assisted reproductive technology (ART) for both humans and animals. In our recent ASX quarterly activity report, we shared exciting updates on our commercial endeavors, product development, and corporate activities.

FelixTM System: Expanding Access and Sales Growth our flagship product, the FelixTM System, has made significant strides in the Japanese market. Partnering with Vitrolife KK, Memphasys has seen accelerated sales, with the system being integrated into 11 clinics. This expansion reflects growing clinical interest and successful onboarding processes. Furthermore, plans are underway to establish standing orders, promising sustained growth.

Global Expansion: Venturing into Canada and New Zealand In addition to Japan, Memphasys has secured exclusive distribution agreements in Canada and New Zealand. These agreements present lucrative opportunities to establish the FelixTM brand and engage with key opinion leaders, setting the stage for broader market penetration.

Innovative Solutions: RoXsta and AI-Port we are not resting on our laurels, actively developing innovative solutions like RoXsta and AI-Port. RoXsta, an in-vitro diagnostic device, shows promise in assessing oxidative stress load in bodily fluids, potentially addressing various health issues beyond infertility. Meanwhile, AI-Port aims to extend livestock semen preservation, offering efficiency and quality improvements over conventional methods.

Regulatory Milestones and Quality Assurance Despite challenges in clinical trials, we remain committed to meeting regulatory standards. Proactive measures, including site acquisitions and international collaborations, demonstrate our dedication to advancing research and development while ensuring quality compliance.

Corporate Enhancements we continue to strengthen our leadership and financial positions. The appointment of Michael Atkins, a seasoned corporate executive, to the board signifies strategic growth initiatives. Moreover, shareholder approvals for key resolutions underscore investor confidence and support for future endeavors.

Our quarterly report showcases our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in reproductive biotechnology. With a robust product pipeline, expanding global presence, and commitment to regulatory compliance, we are poised for continued success in improving reproductive outcomes for both humans and animals.

For more information, please read our full ASX release – 29th April.