We are excited to share that we are making significant strides in the commercialisation of our animal breeding products. We have appointed Klean Gene, who are founded by experienced animal sector executives Michael Cameron and Rod Wellstead, to help us evaluate commercial pathways for our innovative animal applications.

Driving Innovation in Animal Breeding

In this new collaboration, Michael Cameron will work closely with me and our Animal Breeding Solutions Project Team. Together, we will assess the effectiveness and commercial potential of our cutting-edge products, including the AI-Port and RoXsta devices developed with the University of Newcastle. Rod Wellstead and other specialists will also lend their expertise as needed.

Expertise and Experience

Michael Cameron brings a wealth of experience in animal genetics and farming. As a Special Business Consultant for Planfarm, a top agricultural consultancy in Western Australia, Cameron has a proven track record in transforming agricultural lands into high-performing assets. His success at Cherylton Farms, where he expanded the enterprise significantly, underscores his capability. With extensive experience in dairy, beef, wool, and sheep-meat breeding systems, Cameron is well-equipped to advise on the commercial value we can offer the animal breeding sector. 

Strategic Goals and Future Plans

Cameron and Wellstead will assist us in designing and executing top-tier bovine field trials for AI-Port media, RoXsta, and the Felix Device during the 2024 spring joining season. Their expertise will also help us navigate the commercial landscape, identify potential partnerships, and establish distribution channels.

About AI-Port

AI-Port is designed to maintain livestock semen viability for up to seven days at ambient temperatures (22-25°C), eliminating the need for cryopreservation and reducing sperm DNA damage. This innovation offers significant improvements in efficiency and quality over current practices, addressing an estimated beef (non-dairy) market worth nearly A$2.4 billion. Two field trials have already been completed, with a third planned for late 2024.

About RoXsta

RoXsta is an in-vitro diagnostic device that measures the antioxidant capacity of semen and other bodily fluids. Low antioxidant levels are linked to infertility and DNA damage in reproductive cells. RoXsta’s broad applicability extends beyond animal and human fertility to industries such as food technology, consumer health, and cosmetics, potentially generating significant future value for us.