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Professor John Aitken PhD, ScD, FRSE

Professor Aitken is Chair of Memphasys' Scientific Advisory Committee and, together with the University of Newcastle, partner in the commercialisation of the SpermSep technology.

Professor Aitken has recently been awarded the prestigious Carl G. Hartman Award for reproductive Biology.   The award recognizes outstanding  work in the field of reproductive biology and is one of the most prestigious international awards in this area.  Professor Aitken is only the second researcher working outside the USA to have won this award.

The Company has publicly congratulated Professor Aitken on his achievement.   To view the announcement to the ASX click on the link.


Laureate Professor John Aitken
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Office of the PVC Health and Medicine
University of Newcastle


Professor Aitken is leader of a 50 strong research team studying fertility and contraception at the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science. 

Since arriving in Newcastle in 1999 he has generated more than $37 million in research income and has been continuously funded by both the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). He has been elected a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Australian Academy of Science and is currently President of the International Society of Andrology.  He was named the 2012 NSW Scientist of the Year.

After gaining his PhD in reproductive biology at the University of Cambridge and following post-doctoral positions at the Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh and the University of Bordeaux, Professor Aitken joined the World Health Organization in Geneva, managing WHO task forces within the Human Reproduction Unit.

In 1992, Professor Aitken was awarded an Honorary Professorship within the Faculty of Medicine of Edinburgh University, and in 1995 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 1998 he received a ScD degree from the University of Cambridge in recognition of his research contributions to gamete biology.

During the 40 years Professor Aitken has been working in the field of reproductive science he has published over 480 research articles, given more than 350 invited lectures and filed 12 patents. His work has been cited >16,000 times (h-index of 70), the highest citation index in his field.

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